Welcome to The Mobile Lunch Company

The Mobile Lunch Company meal delivery service


Pricing; £8 for a main course. Add £4 to make it two courses. Add another £3 to make it three courses. (So, £15 for a three-course meal).


Ordering; Please click here to place an order or send a message to me via by Facebook messenger, if possible. Failing that please send me an email . I will attempt to respond as quickly as possible. In the order please state the number of each courses, your name, address (including your post code) and a contact number. At the time of ordering, please advise of any food allergies or intolerances.


Last orders: By 0900 on the Tuesday before the delivery date.


Delivery; Your chosen meals with be delivered to your front door step by the driver who will knock on your door / ring door bell and then will stand back by at least 2 metres while you collect your meals.


Payment; Included in your delivery will be an invoice and BACS payment details. If you wish to pay by cash, please have the correct money and place it in an unsealed envelope on your front door step AFTER collecting your meals.


Storage; Because all the meals produced are freshly cooked and contain no additives, colouring, preservatives or flavour enhancers, they only have a relatively short shelf life. Please either keep the meals chilled and consume them prior to the marked “use by” date, or freeze on the day of delivery and use within three months. Please note that the dessert containers get very brittle when frozen and so it might be worthwhile using a different container if you plan to freeze the desserts.


Cooking; If your meal has been frozen, thoroughly defrost and heat according to the labelled instructions in a suitable microwave. If heating on a hob or in the oven, please remove the food from the containers and place the food into suitable containers for your method of heating.



Recycling etc; The soup container and its lid, the main course base and the dessert containers are made from Bagasse – which is the fibrous residue left after sugarcane has been crushed to extract the juice. This makes them compostable. The main course lid is made of polypropylene (PP) and is recyclable.